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PostGhost Recon Future Soldier Campaign Challenges

For every campaign level in GRFS, there are four challenges to complete. One challenge is called the Ghost Challenge, and deals with earning a Ghost Rating of 60 or greater on each mission. Ghost Ratings depend on how well you play the game based on stealth kills, sync shots, how many times you die, etc. A competent player should have no problem completing this challenge on Veteran difficulty. Another challenge is called the Elite Challenge, and is completed simply by finishing each level on the Elite difficulty. The other two challenges are based on specific goals within each level, and completing them will unlock new stuff. One of them is based on performing some feat with a specific weapon type, and is called the Weapon Challenge. The other is called the Tactical Challenge, and is actually three separate challenges that must all be completed to complete the overall challenge. These sub-challenges can be completed on different playthroughs; they do not have to all be completed during the same session. Below, we will tell you how to achieve each of the challenges in a relatively easy way.

It is sometimes difficult to complete all of the challenges on a continuous playthrough, but once you have completed the challenge, it is done; you do not have to finish the level to get credit for the challenge. Therefore, you can load previous checkpoints if completing one challenge messes up completing another.


Weapon Challenge- unlocks PKP LMG

Field of Fire: Kill five or more enemies with a single burst from a LMG

This is a very easy challenge, which is fitting since it is the first one. At the very beginning of the level, you will take cover in a market and throw out a sensor. There will be two enemies in front of you, one enemy that joins them a little later, and two enemies behind some cover that are revealed by the sensor. With a LMG equipped with standard ammunition, simply strafe from one side to the other across all of the enemies without letting go of the trigger to complete the challenge.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks UBSG (underbarrel shotgun)

Express Train: During the ambush at the cog rail station, kill all soldiers in 60 seconds

This is an easy one; I didn’t even realize that it was a challenge when I completed it. Simply kill everyone as fast as you can. If you are having trouble, turn down the difficulty, it doesn’t affect the challenge.

No Witnesses: Don’t leave any witnesses alive in Paez’s HQ

This is a bit harder. Once you reach the HQ (the area with a bunch of guys standing around and the “No Alarm” condition), kill the soldiers in the following order: lone guard on the far right, guard up high on the left, guard in the far back right, group of guards in the middle. The guards in the middle are the trickiest part, since you don’t have the sync shot ability yet. Just be quick and precise to take them all down as quickly as you can.

Ace of Diamonds: Execute 10 headshots while in diamond formation

After you rescue Paez, a scripted combat sequence will begin where you will only be in control of your aim; your character will move along a predetermined path. Take your time and line up your shots to get headshots. There isn’t a quick-and-dirty way to do this, you just have to have good aim.


Weapon Challenge- unlocks PSL-54C sniper rifle

Overwatch: Eliminate 10 enemies using a sniper rifle without moving

This can be tricky, but is very possible once you figure out where to shoot from. That spot is on top of the hill once you reach the aerodrome. There are many guards in your line of sight if you lay prone on the left side of the tree that you start from. It’s easiest to use a sniper rifle with a bipod, since the deployed bipod will restrict your motion so you won’t accidentally move. You have to be quick to take out the guards that are moving in pairs. There are two sets of these patrolling the road. There is a guard on the far right, and one in the building on the far left. There is also a guard inside the right building. In between the two buildings, there are two more guards standing still. There is one additional guard inside each watchtower on the other side of the runway. Set yourself up so that you can see at least ten of these guards, then take out the isolated ones first. You should rack up the ten kills fairly quickly.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks Flash Hider muzzle

Protector: Complete the mission without causing any civilian casualties

Don’t shoot anyone who doesn’t have a gun. Pretty simple. Be extra careful when in Magnetic view, since the civilians are harder to see in this mode.

Secure the Camp: Eliminate all of the soldiers who have taken control of the refugee camp

This is pretty simple if you use Magnetic view. Take out all of the guys with guns. Remember to clear out the soldiers who are sitting around right after you are told to follow Macaba. You have plenty of time to kill them before you begin to tail the warlord.

Steely Gaze: Kill 10 enemies while in Magnetic view

If, for some reason, you don’t like using Magnetic view, just kill the first ten soldiers you run into. Otherwise, you will likely use this mode throughout the mission, so getting ten kills is a piece of cake.


Weapon Challenge- unlocks SR-3M PDR

Five Shot: Make five consecutive kills on unalerted enemies using a PDR

Make sure you equip a silenced PDR for the mission; I prefer the PDR-C with a 2-stage trigger myself. If you are quick, you can kill the first five enemies in the village at the beginning of the level. If you miss that opportunity because you are also trying to get the Fast Mover challenge below, don’t worry, you will have another chance. Once you exit the drainage system, there are several soldiers patrolling through the alleys you have to move through. Take it slow and use your adaptive camo, and you will have no problem sneaking up on them one by one.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks Drum Magazine

Fast Mover: Go through the village in under 60 seconds without any civilians dying

This is a tricky one. You really have to hustle to get this done, and you have to kill everyone, too. Whenever you can, be rushing forward, and don’t use the sync shots, they take too long. Run up to the first crowd with enemies in the middle until the detected indicator starts showing up. Then stop and take out the three men. If you are good, you can line up two of them with one shot. Rush through the crowd to the next gate-like area. Two mercs will run up from the left through the dust. Kill them quickly, but be careful to avoid the civilians that run in between you and them. Then rush down the hill until you see the group at the truck on the right. Kill them, then move to the men standing around. Rush to the bottom of the hill and make sure to check behind the truck for any leftover mercs.

Clear the Pitch: Eliminate all of the mercs playing soccer without raising the alarm

You should have a silenced sniper to make this the easiest. There are two ways to do this. If you just want to get it out of the way, sync shot the four men playing soccer right away and you’ll get the completion. You can then just reload to the last checkpoint, since the bodies will definitely be discovered shortly afterward. If you are trying to complete the challenge below as well, then do the following. First, snipe the soldier on the far left who is patrolling in the walls. There is a gap in the wall where you can hit him almost right away. Then, sneak across the bridge and go right, keeping to the edges and behind cover. Eliminate isolated enemies and groups using the sync shot. You can coordinate most of the shots using the UAV to designate targets for the team. Make sure you get the merc up high on the platform. Save the soccer players for last, they are the trickiest group. Since there are some soldiers watching them as well, you may have to use the extra slowed-down time to make a fifth or sixth shot. As long as you are careful, you should be in the green.

No Blood No Foul: Infiltrate the outpost, retrieve the data, & extract without raising the alarm

The biggest thing to remember here is to take it slow. Check you sensors and UAV, and don’t take risky shots. The scripted scene where you are extracting the agent in diamond formation doesn’t count as raising the alarm, so don’t worry about it. Once you have reached the exit from the drainage pipes, you can bypass the large group of enemies that lands in the chopper by sticking to the far right side. There is a raised area with a wall that you cover behind to get all the way past them and avoid the hardest part. From there on, take out the isolated enemies first and move slowly, using your Magnetic view to make sure you take care of all the guys in your way. Don’t worry about the guys who aren’t in your path, since facing them is just another chance to be detected.


Weapon Challenge- unlocks AK-200 assault rifle

Body Count- Kill 8 enemies in under 30 seconds while using an assault rifle

This one is a little tricky because you have to be fast. You will need a silenced assault rifle, preferably in semi-auto mode. At the beginning of the mission, when you are on the rooftops, you will encounter the several groups of enemies. The first group is only five guys, so take them out however you want. The next guy you run into is alone, and is an easy headshot. The next group is the one you want to focus on. There are two guards near you on rooftops, one on the left and one on the right. Kill them first, then move to the guards who are furthest away on rooftops straight ahead of you. Next up are the guards on the lower rooftop to the right. Take them out from left to right, and don’t forget the one on the lower balcony. If you are fast enough, and aren’t seen for long enough, you can finish the challenge right here.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks Option 2 stocks

Clean Kills- Assault the HQ and take out the hostiles without any misses

This is pretty basic: don’t miss while you are on the rooftops.

Killer Pursuit- Destroy every enemy vehicle during the chopper gunride

Also pretty basic; just keep the bullets flying and focus on the trucks.

Bird in the Air- On Elite difficulty, take out the enemy RPG before your chopper gets shot down

This might be a little more difficult if you are also trying to get the “Killer Pursuit” challenge at the same time. You need to be focused on taking out the enemies with RPGs. They can be found after the fourth truck shows up at the outermost bend in the road, right at the tunnel mouth before you fly around the outside, and after you engage the enemy chopper in the exit of the tunnel. They are really easy to kill, you just have to get bullets on them quickly.


Weapon Challenge- unlocks RMB-93

Shotgunner- With a shotgun, take out 3 enemies using exactly 3 cartridges in 3 seconds max

This challenge is pretty easy, and it can be done right away. As you reach the first outpost, there will be one guard close to you. Kill him silently and wait for the truck to park. Once the two men in the truck have exited, they will meet up with a third guard who was patrolling. Now is your chance; run in with your shotgun equipped and take out all three. Piece o’ cake.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks Dual Magazines

Release the Hound- Use the Warhound to kill at least 75% of the enemies during the mission

The only challenging part of this one is.. oh wait, nothing. Using the Warhound to kill everything is awesome. Juts stay in the Warhound view and mortar everything. It really couldn’t be any easier. Make sure you stay behind cover, though. While the ‘hound is invincible, you are not.

Group Shot- Kill 5 or more enemies with a single Warhound mortar round

This is also fairly easy once you infiltrate the base. There are several places where enemies spawn in rooms on the catwalks. Simply fire away at these rooms to get the challenge.

Silent Talon- Eliminate both enemy choppers without losing a squadmate


Weapon Challenge- unlocks PP19 SMG

Efficient Fire- Use an SMG to take out 10 enemies without stopping to reload

The most difficult part of this challenge is over-riding your “auto-reload” response. Just don’t reload! Otherwise it’s pretty easy. Equip an SMG with a silencer and use it for all of your stealth shots. Take as many of the shots as you can by yourself, without using sync shot, and you should get the challenge in no time.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks Smoke GL underbarrel attachment

Make Them Count- Finish the mission using less than 50 rounds of ammo

For this challenge, use the sync shot feature a lot. Otherwise, you do get 50 rounds, so you can shoot bad guys. Just keep an eye on the counter in the “Back” menu.

Ghost Escape- Once the objective’s complete, extract without being shot down

Be careful, make clean kills, and use the sync shot and marked targets features often. If you find you are having trouble, drop down the difficulty.

On Board Clean- On Elite difficulty, sabotage the equipment less then 20 minutes after insertion

This sounds hard, but is relatively easy. At the beginning in the forest, ignore the soldiers and just keep moving from cover to cover to get past them. Sync shot the guys at the checkpoint. Take out all of the enemies in your way up until you reach the large area in front of the open hangar. At this point, kill the guard on the raised area right in front of you, and kill the snipers above the entrance to the hangar. Sneak around to the left and ignore all the enemies until you reach the big main entrance. Sync shot only the guards inside the hangar. Then move to the objective marker. Once you are in position to use the drone, fly it to the ceiling and out onto the plane. If you are finding yourself short on time, make sure you are rushing whenever you are indoors. If you need to, you can reload sloppy areas; the clock will reset to the last checkpoint as well.


Weapon Challenge- unlocks Type 95 LMG

Tight Burst- Take down five enemies with an LMG while firing non-stop

You can finish this challenge right at the beginning of the level, though you will probably want to restart after you get it to help with the “Neckbreaker” challenge below. There are five visible enemies to the right once you take cover on the fence. With a LMG equipped to have good control (I suggest a bipod), sweep from left to right across the two guards in the bunker and then the three guards outside. It’s pretty easy to do, but it decreases the number of available enemies to neck-snap.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks Dragon’s Breath shotgun ammo

No Safe Distance- Steathily kill all Russian riflemen assaulting the house

First stealth melee the two guards at the top of the wall. Then move down with your camo on and rush to cover on the wall at street level, behind the enemy taking cover there on the right. Stealth melee him, then turn around and go to the left side of the same wall and stealth melee the enemy taking cover there. Then, position yourself in cover in the middle of that wall, looking at the house that Osadze is in. On the right, there is a group of four enemies. Mark them for a sync shot and take them out. Then look on the left side of the house. There are six enemies here, so mark the three on the right for your team, and take the fourth-from-the-right for yourself. Use the slowed time to take out the other two further to the left after the sync shot.

Neckbreaker- Kill 40 enemies by snapping their necks

This is one of the tougher challenges to complete. Any melee kill counts as a neck-snap; you don’t have to get the correct animation. Flash grenades and smoke grenades can help once you are in actual combat and can’t stealth kill. Remember, too, that a stealth melee can work with a sync shot as long as you mark your target. This way, you can take out pairs or trios or guards while still getting a neck-snap without raising the alarm. You should try to have 30 of these kills racked up before you enter the final firefight. In that fight, when you are trapped in the marketplace, the enemies will continue to spawn for a long time after Osadze gets hit and you have to go cover him. If you don’t go right over to where he is, you can hang out in the marketplace behind the pillars and rack up several more melee kills as the enemies keep charging you. Flash grenades and smoke grenades can be really useful here to make the kills easier. It’s a tough challenge, but you should be able to find a place where you can sit relatively safely. I found that the right-side pillars work fairly well, as does the dumpster on the forward right-hand corner. If you are having too much trouble, you can turn the difficulty down.

Death From Above- Kill all the snipers and RPGs during your escape

The “escape” refers to your exit from the church down through the streets to the marketplace. There will be several snipers and RPG-men on the rooftops. There are also a few snipers inside the church on the roof and in the rafters. The RPG-men are easy to spot from the rocket trails, and most of the snipers can be found with your Magnetic view.


Weapon Challenge- unlocks AN-94

Rifle Master- Kill 8 enemies in under 30 seconds while using an assault rifle

This challenge is pretty easy to do if you wait for the right time. Once you have been informed that you need to reach the control room quickly and the clock pops up, you will enter a big room with lots of catwalks and stairs. This is the room to get the challenge in, since you are racing up these stairs and encountering several groups of enemies in rapid succession. You should have an assault rifle with no suppressor, a quick optic, like the red dot, either dual magazines or a drum magazine, and decent control. I usually prefer the ACR for these situations. Instead of focusing on shots from cover, focus on taking out the enemies as quickly as possible. Near the end there is a good opportunity when there are many enemies on the catwalk above and in front of you.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks Armor-Piercing Ammo

Undetected- Reach the drilling ship entrance without killing any guards

For this one, you just need to be careful. Start by going straight on the right side of the road. Once the helicopter goes past, there is a shortcut through the fence. After taking this, stick the far left side of the area. Go all the way around to the entrance of the ship, and watch the guards at the bottom of the ramp. Once they aren’t looking, you can crouch-walk up the left side of the ramp without being spotted. There is a ladder on the wall at the top, take that upwards after you decide the guard in the middle isn’t looking your way. Go a little farther in and the challenge should be complete.

Roger Dodger- Once the timer has started, make it to the control room in under two minutes

This is a little tricky. Using the assault rifle from the Weapon Challenge is a good idea. You really just have to book it through the room. There isn’t a lot of time to spare. Take out all the enemies you can see before you move on, then rush up the next flight of stairs. You just have to get into the room, but sometimes it registers faster than others. With a little luck and good shooting, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Wrecker- Destroy all enemy vehicles during the gunride

This is a little tougher as well. There are lots of vehicles, so you have to minimize the amount of time you spend on each one. Hit them enough to blow them up, but try to stop once you know it’s going to explode. There are also a bunch of trucks in one of the camps, shoot those to, even though they aren’t moving. It might take you a couple of tries to figure out where everything is, but it’s a fun checkpoint, so it’s not really tedious.


Weapon Challenge- unlocks MTs-255 shotgun

Shotgun Master- With a shotgun, take out 3 enemies using exactly 3 cartridges in 3 seconds max

This is really easy at the very beginning of the level. The first enemies you see are a group of three. Sneak up on them with the camo on and plug away at close range. Easy as pie.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks High Power scope

Ghostly Recon- On Veteran difficulty, reach the observation point without alerting any enemies

This one is also fairly easy, you just have to avoid detection. Use your drone and sensors to map out a good path, then follow it. Sticking to the edges of areas and rushing from cover to cover are both good ways to make it a bit easier.

Engraved- Rack up kills on all enemy snipers in the cemetery without being shot

This is somewhat tricky, but as long as you know it’s coming, the challenge is pretty easy. Wait for the glint off of the snipers while you are in cover, then pop up quickly and take one out at a time. When you can’t see any more, rush to the next convenient cover and wait again. All of the snipers are in the buildings, so you know where to look.

Innovative Diversity- You squad must kill enemies with at least 15 different weapons

The only thing to worry about here is picking up enemy weapons as you go. You should probably keep a silenced weapon with you, but it isn’t necessary, since there aren’t any parts with a “No Alarm” requirement.


Weapon Challenge- unlocks PP2000 SMG

Up the Ante- Take down 12 enemies using a SMG without reloading

This is actually pretty hard, but not for the reason you might think. For seasoned shooter players, reloading is just second-nature, especially to Halo players. The challenge itself is relatively easy, but stopping your automatic reload instinct is the hard part. Otherwise, just make sure to take out isolated enemies. They are all pretty isolated already, but make sure to pick them off at the furthest point in their route and watch out for the snipers up high. The Vector is a great choice with a silencer and a 2-stage trigger.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks Gripod underbarrel attachment

Quigley- Kill 2 enemies with a single bullet

This is pretty easy to do. There are multiple points throughout the level where two enemies will line up for an easy shot. Even if you are attempting the “Hands On” challenge below, its worth it to take the shot if you have it and reload the last checkpoint. You should equip a sniper rifle with a good amount of power and a silencer.

Hands On- Reach the canteen without firing a weapon

This is also a fairly easy challenge. Keep to the left when you are approaching the prison and slip in on the left side of the gate. The guard won’t see you. When you come outside the second time, take cover on the wall right next to the guard, then go over to the high security door. Remember, you can still use stealth melee to kill guards, just not a weapon.

Secret Service- On Elite diificulty, find President Volodin inside the prison in under 2 minutes

This one is pretty tricky, and it took me a while to find the right route. The timer starts once you reach the bottom of the elevator, and you don’t have very much leeway. You should stay crouched for the entire time to remain in adaptive camo. Take cover on the pallet stack, and then immediately rush to the cover on your right, keeping on the side facing the wall. Move into the darkened office. There is a guard here, but unless you bump into him he won’t see you. Pass through the hallway and follow (but don’t get in front of) the next guard at the bottom of the two stairways to go up the left-most side. Follow the guard who should be reaching the top of the stairs and then continue to your left. There should be a short stairway leading down into a hall. Kill the guard on the left side of the hall as you move past. Use a silenced gun, not a melee. Continue into the room at the end of the hall and kill the guard patrolling in front of you. Look to the left before you go out the door and kill the guard there. Again, both guards should be killed with silenced weapons. President Volodin is in the far left cell in front of you once you exit the guard room. Position yourself in front of the door so you have a straight shot. Now comes the hard part since controlling the UAV with any kind of precision is difficult. Deploy your UAV and immediately land it and drive into the “Explore” duct on the left. Once prompted, trigger the Sonic Pulse and immediately exit UAV view. Rush into the now-open door to complete the challenge. If you are seen, start over. If you get hung up driving the UAV, you will probably need to start over.


Weapon Challenge- unlocks VSS sniper rifle

Master Sniper- Using a sniper rifle, kill 15 consecutive enemies without any misses

This challenge is pretty basic: shoot 15 times without missing. Using a more powerful sniper ensures that you get the killshot every time, and using the EXACTO ammo can help for the lower powered guns. If you hit all of the snipers in the two buildings when you are protecting Volodin, you can get a good head start.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks Raufoss Ammo

Dodge the Dot- Avoid being taken out by a sniper during the mission

Stay in cover, watch for the laser-targeting, and take out snipers quickly.

Clean Sweep- Clear General Bukharov’s room in under 20 seconds

This is pretty easy to do using your Magnetic view and a LMG. Sweep across the room with Magnetic view on and just aim at all the bad guys. Most of the cover is thin enough to penetrate, so it shouldn’t be hard to get everyone.

Disruptor- Kill at least 10 Bodark while they are under the effects of an EMP


Weapon Challenge- unlocks SA58 OSW PDR

Personal Offense- Make 5 consecutive kills on unalerted enemies using a PDR

Like any of these type of challenges, this is pretty easy. Use a suppressor and keep lining up sync shots. You can kill the first two guards yourself. Take out the checkpoint with a sync shot on all four guys. Then kill the three guards over the hill with three quick shots. That’s five, and you’re good to go.

Tactical Challenge- unlocks Fixed stock

Swamp Fox- On Elite difficulty, reach the swamp without being detected

This is pretty easy as long as you are careful. Use sync shot liberally to clear all of the areas. You will sometimes have to take out more than one enemy yourself. Once you have cleared the farm area, lay low when the reinforcements show up, and use sync shot to clear both groups. It’s fairly difficult to see the spec ops with the UAV, but it’s possible. Once both groups are down, you are good to go.

Countdown- Kill all of the high-value targets in the farm area in under 3 seconds

This is fairly simple, though it is hard to do along with “Swamp Fox.” I reloaded the checkpoint after I completed this challenge to continue the one above. For this one, take out the guard on the left side of the compound, outside of the wall. Then wait for the vehicle to pass and sync shot the four guards outside of the entrance. Go to the entrance and mark the first HVT for a sync shot. DON’T SHOOT HIM YET. Climb the ladder into the barn and take out the guard patrolling on the ground floor. Then go up the stairs on the far side and take out the guard there. Your team should have spotted the second target by now, so use Magnetic view and mark him as target #2 in sync shot. The third one is right behind the helicopter, and is visible from the door near you. Mark him as three and line up the shot yourself, then take out all three with the sync shot.

HVT- Intercept the two fleeing HVTs in under 6 minutes

For this challenge, you need to be moving pretty quickly. Your primary concern is taking out the first HVT when you are battling alongside the road, behind the stone walls. Once he is down, kill the rest of the enemies behind the opposite wall as quickly as you can. Following the other enemy, you will hit two RPG soldiers you need to kill. Mild spoiler: the last HVT is actually a cutscene; you WILL NOT get the chance to kill him when you are running to his location marker. Focus on killing the enemies that try to stop you as fast as you can and keep moving. Rushing between cover is a helpful tactic when possible. There are a couple of places that will trigger checkpoints for you, so don’t be too shy about pushing yourself to the edge.

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