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 4v4 Tournament

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Post4v4 Tournament

1. Judgement Overview:

A. Judgement is a 12 clan, 4v4 Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 double elimination tournament. With a 2 week season before the first bracket match. All matches will be best of 3 until the finals when it becomes best of 5. Roster size will be between 12-15 per each clan.

B. Sign up’s will start (8-17-2012) and run through till (9-8-2012) 11:59pm est. This is a first come, first serve tournament.

C. Only a even number of clans will be allowed to partake in this tournament. Example if only 11 clans sign up then it is the first 10 that receive invites, with the 11th team being an alternate.

D. Matches will be played on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00pm est.

E. The weeks matches and modes will be posted every Sunday.

2. Judgement Season:

A. Season starts on (9-10-2012)

B. Clans will be allowed to update their rosters on the final Sunday before the bracket is seeded, Sunday (9-23-2012). Please note that (9-23-2012) is the last time you will be able to update your roster. Once the bracket begins all rosters are locked.

C. All season matches will be played on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00pm est.

D. Once the season begins it will run for TWO weeks, putting clans against each other for seeding and evaluation into the double elimination bracket tournament. Any issues during this time could mean the removal of your team from tournament.

E. Tie breaker for seeding goes as follows. First: Overall record. Second: Rounds won through out the season. Third: Head to Head match up, Fourth: Win Percentage Fifth: Coin Flip.

F. If a clan is removed from the season another team will get a chance to take there place. But once the official bracket begins all clans are locked into place and no alternate clans will be added.

3. Judgement Bracket Play:

A. The seeding will be determined by the over all win/lose record "followed by other tie-breakers if W/L are the same between clans, Check 2-D." of the two week season with the team with the best record playing the team with the worse and the rest of the bracket being filled out in the same manner.

B. This is a double elimination bracket which means once you lose you then are moved into the losers bracket and if you lose again you are removed from the tournament.

****Note**** If you are a highest seed in bracket play and lose you will forfeit your your homefield advantage if you make it to the finals Only way to regain your homefield is to win the 1st set of matches to regain it for the next set of matches.

Example- Team A #1 seed coming from the losers bracket vs Team B #3 seed. Team B will host 3 out of 5 matches but Team A wins 3-0 thus giving the host advantage back to Team A for the next set of matches.

C. Once the bracket starts everything is locked from clan roster to the clans that are partaking in the event. Nothing after (8-12-12) can or will be changed other then the rules. If the GetsomeGaming staff feels the need to add, edit or remove a rule for the betterment of the tournament there will be a site wide announcement.

4. Rosters

A. Each clan rep is responsible to turn in their roster by the set deadline Sunday (9-9-2012) 11:59pm. By making a new post in the clan rep section with your teams roster.

B. Clan rosters should be numbered followed by the players name. Please make sure the name on your list is EXACTLY how it is spelled on the PSN. Also on your roster, you are to mark both a primary and secondary rep inside of the brackets. If a players name is found to be incorrect then he or she will be ineligible for that match. If a clan is found to be using ineligible players then that team forfeits that match, if it happens a second time they are removed from the tournament.

Example of roster:
1. DevilJack [Primary Rep]
2. Swine
3. BRICK__TOP (Two underscores)
4. XxFamas_23xX [Secondary Rep]
5. Pico

C. Clans will not be allowed to update their rosters during the season.

D. The same player may not be on more than one team. Once a player is on a team, the player may not switch to another team until the next tournament starts.

E. All player names participating in a match must match the names listed on the submitted roster.

F. It is the responsibility of the Team Reps to insure the proper spelling of their members. It is also the Reps responsibility to check the spelling of the opposing team before the start of a match.

G. If a clan wishes to add more then one team they may do so, as long as the players from each roster are different. Just make sure each roster for the clans puts in it's own application to join the tournament. Please note if two teams from the same clan do play each other and it is found out that one team takes a “dive” for the other, then both teams will be kicked out of the tournament and that clan will be banned.

5.Subbing in match

A. If a player disconnects after the game has started, the game will continue and a player may be re-invited. The re-invited player may be the player that dropped or a new eligible player.

B. Teams are allowed a 5 minute grace period to find eligible substitutes between maps.

C. A player can only be substituted/brought in at the end of a map. You are able to substitute/bring in players at the end of the 1st half of a domination match.

6. No Shows/Grace Period

A. A team has 15 mins to show up from the scheduled started of the match. If the opposing team fails to do so, they will forfeit the match.

B. A team will need at least 3 legal players in order to start a match, any less then that and it will be a forfeit after the 15 minute deadline. Please note if you do start the match with 3 players then you may not bring in a forth after the match starts. You can still sub players, but your max allowed players for that match will remain at 3.

C. Once a team has not showed up at the 15 minutes past mark. Your teams clan rep may contact a staff member or a clan rep from another team to conform the no-show.D. If both teams agree to start earlier or later that is acceptable also. But all wars most be played between Mon-Fri, 8-10pm est even if clans decided to change the date/time. Please make a note of date/time changes in the clan rep section.

7. Matches/Room set up

A. A 'lag' test can be performed before a round if both teams agree upon it. If the game 'lags', please choose a new host. If a host cannot be diecided by both teams, a GsG rep can host the party.

B. Teams may not delay the match for more than 5 minutes between each map. If a team delays the start for longer than 5 minutes between maps, they will forfeit that map.

C. If a player/host disconnects during the initial launch of a map, the map will be restarted. The initial launch is defined as within the first 30 seconds or before the first kill.

D. If the host is disconnected after the first 30 seconds of a map or after the first kill, the host's team forfeits that map.

E. The Higher Ranked Seed will host the first map. The Lower Ranked Seed will host second map and if needed the Higher Ranked Seed will host final map. Teams my choose to host when it is there turn or remain on the other teams hosting if they wish.

F. If the room is created incorrectly, the hosting team will forfeit the map.

G. Please have the room up and ready 10 minutes prior to the scheduled war time in order to have a 'lag' test and to work out any problems.

H. Higher seed team picks top option. The lower seed team will pick bottom option.
-During Season play Hosting team picks top option while visiting team picks bottom option.

I. You may have spectators on your team if both teams agree upon the issue. If either team declines, all players not selected for the war must leave the lobby.

J. If for any reason a team forces the other team to stop mid match/map or if your team stops mid match/map then that team will lose that match/map. So no matter what happens, play out all the match(s)/map(s) in your war.

K. If there are any issues once so ever during your war, please PLAY OUT THE MATCH/MAP AND FINISH THE WHOLE WAR. If there was any issues during your war then please post "Dispute" in the war report after the war. This way it may be handled in the clan rep section and looked over by the GetsomeGaming staff.

8. Match Parameters:

A. Maps

Capture the Flag- Resistance

Capture the Flag- Carbon

Capture the Flag- Hardhat

Capture the Flag- Lockdown

Capture the Flag- Village

Capture the Flag- Dome

Capture the Flag- Arkaden

Capture the Flag- Bootleg

Capture the Flag- Seatown

Capture the Flag- Underground

Capture the Flag- Terminal

Domination- Terminal

Domination- Bootleg

Domination- Underground

Domination- Arkaden

Domination- Village

Domination- Dome

Domination- Seatown

Domination- Hardhat

Domination- Lockdown

Domination- Resistance

Domination- Carbon

Search and Destroy- Terminal

Search and Destroy- Carbon

Search and Destroy- Resistance

Search and Destroy- Seatown

Search and Destroy- Hardhat

Search and Destroy- Arkaden

Search and Destroy- Bootleg

Search and Destroy- Lockdown

Search and Destroy- Dome

Search and Destroy- Village

Search and Destroy- Underground

B. Settings All Games

1.Hardcore Mode= Disabled

2.Allow Killcam= Enabled

3.Allow Sprint= Enabled

4.Force Respawn= Enabled

5.Wave Spawn Delay= None

6.Max Health= Normal

7.Health Regen= Normal

8.Spectating= Team Only

9.Friendly Fire= Enabled

10.Class Editor= Allow Player Classes

11.Killstreak Editor= Don’t Allow Killstreaks
11a. Even with killstreaks turned off you can still obtain a MOAB killstreak and if you do earn the killstreak you are NOT to use it. Using it will cause your team to forfeit that match so please don't use it!
11b. For the Killstreak Package's be sure to always pick Assault Package! No specialist package due to the ability to get the specialist bonus even with killstreaks turned off. If anyone on any team uses this package and receives the specialist bonus will forfeit the match!

12.Perk Editor= Allow Perks

C. Settings Capture the Flag

1.Time Limit= 5 minutes

2.Flag Return Time= 30 seconds

3.Enemy Carrier on Radar= Delayed

4.Touch Return= Enabled

5.Round Win Limit= 2 Rounds

6.Capture Limit= Unlimited

7.Respawn Delay= 5 Seconds

8.Number of Lives= Unlimited

*** If for whatever reason Team A wins 1 round with 3 caps but Team B wins second round with two caps. Team A still takes the win, but the game will continue to a tie breaker. ALL reps be aware that it is the host responsibility to end the game after the second round, No matter what the scenario. ***

-- Flag captures are added together from the two rounds. Whichever team has the most combined captures at the end of the game, wins the match.
-- Each team will play one round from each side.
-- In case of a tie, the entire map will be played over again.

D. Settings Domination

1.Time Limit= 5 minutes

2.Score Limit= 750 Points

3.Round Limit= 1 Round

4.Respawn Delay= 7.5 Seconds

5.Number of Lives= Unlimited

-- One game of domination consists of playing a round from each side (top and bottom). Combined scores from the two rounds, wins the map.
-- In case of a tie, the entire map will be played over again.

E. Settings Search and Destroy

1.Time Limit= 2.5 Minutes

2.Bomb Timer= 45 Seconds

3.Plant Time= 5 Seconds

4.Defuse Time= 5 Seconds

5.Multi Bomb= Disabled

6.Round Switch= Every Round

7.Round Win Limit= 4 Rounds

8.Number of Lives= 1 Life

F. Banned Items

Weapon Attachments:

1. Grenade launcher (any type)
2. shotguns
3. Rapid Fire
4. Hearbeat sensors
5. Thermal

Primary Weapon
1. Shotguns
2. Riot Shields

Secondary Weapon:

1. All Launchers
2. Akimbos of any type


1. C4
2. Claymores
3. Bouncing betty


1. Trophy sytem
2. Portable radar
3. Emp gernades
4. Scarmbler
5. Tac insertion


1. Blast Shield
2. Overkill
3. Recon
4. Sitrep

Weapon Proficiencies:

1. 2 attachments


1. Hollow Points will be the only one allowed, all others banned

9. War Reports:

A. All war reports are to be submitted in the proper section of the forums.

B. It is the responsibility of the winning Team to post the war report thread and the responsibility of the losing Team to confirm. Wars should be posted and confirmed with-in 1 hour after the match or both teams receive a loss.

C. If a dispute arises please just type “dispute” and then the issue will be discussed in the clan rep section. Once the dispute is resolved then the match can be confirmed.

D. There should never be more then 2 post in any war report. It should be a post and a confirm or dispute. No others should be posting in a war that does not involve your clan. Doing so will result in a warning for your clan.

10. Rule Changes:

A. If the GetsomeGaming staff feels the need to add, edit or remove a rule for the betterment of the tournament there will be a site wide announcement.

B. It is up to the Clan Reps to let their clans know about the rule changes.

No Shows/Prizes
1. Each clan is allowed 1 no show during season play and no more than that! Anymore than 1 no show will result in the clan forfeiting there right to be eligible for the prize in the tournament. The clans rep will be notified via pm if there clan has been disqualified from the prize for the tournament if more than 1 no show has been reported.

2. GetsomeGaming wants to provide a friendly, competitive environment and we don't want clans getting turned off due to no shows.
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4v4 Tournament :: Comments

Re: 4v4 Tournament
Post on Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:28 am by Speed
AoD Team

Speedcar018 ( Everyday)
Tc06balla ( Mon & Wed )
W3tm0G ( Mon & Wed)

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Re: 4v4 Tournament
Post on Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:51 pm by StressEater

This looks like a lot of fun. It appears our clan is well represented with our roster. Make sure you get video.
Re: 4v4 Tournament
Post on Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:16 pm by Speed
i need 6 - 8 ppl
Re: 4v4 Tournament
Post on Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:18 pm by DarkHobo35
i can do it whenever you need me.
Re: 4v4 Tournament
Post on Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:28 pm by DarkHobo35
i will be available every day until school starts up then i will only be available on the weekends
Re: 4v4 Tournament
Post on Fri Aug 17, 2012 5:13 pm by mrhundreds
just make me a reserve if you want and if you need me ill be able to make it
Re: 4v4 Tournament
Post on Fri Aug 17, 2012 10:07 pm by diamond413
im down like always. can play whenever
Re: 4v4 Tournament
Post on Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:37 am by tc06balla
This is our time to shine fellas. We need to get practice going ASAP.
Re: 4v4 Tournament
Post on Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:45 pm by StressEater

I know I have been spending a lot of time playing Sleeping Dogs. Just send me a message if you need me.
Re: 4v4 Tournament
Post on Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:43 pm by nothing-but-base
i love to be apart of this. i will be free all those days.
Re: 4v4 Tournament
Post on Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:17 am by xRED54x
Mondays and Wednesdays work for me. Thursdays are tentative. Need some practice time if we want to do this right. The list so far has some serious skill. Should be a good showing.
Re: 4v4 Tournament
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4v4 Tournament

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