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Welcome to the Angels of Death Gaming Clan. We are a growing PS3 and PC community for Call of Duty games as well as Minecraft and League of Legends for PC of course. Our community is based on close friendships and building a sense of family amoungst our members.

We play all our games as casual for fun and for competitive for the more serious gamers.

If your new here and you are thinking aboout join our community. Register below and post a small introduction about yourself. We are recruiting new member over the age of 16 or high maturity level.

If you have any questions you may add myself on PS3 or on League of Legends at Speedcar018.

Again Welcome to AoD...

"Make em' Rage!"
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Make them RAGE, make them QUIT... We stand togther and we don't take SHIT!.
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 Our First Challenge

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PostOur First Challenge

Our First Challenge

Another Style of Killing

After a few days of practice and preparation for competitive gaming a$k undertook our first competitive challenge from the Tcap clan on wednesday 29th. Even though we are a new team we need the experience against a capable team to help make us stronger as a unit.

While the result of the challenge wasn't in the direction we would have preferred. We really did put a very good fight against a more experienced team. We took games into over time and fought right down to the very last round. We played muiltiple game modes of the Gamebattle rules. We really did get out of the blocks running when we won the first game mode of domination of the best 5 scrim, then going into a tie into the second game mode of capture the flag when we had to replay the map again. You can view the full results below. It was a very intense game but even though it wasn't a victory overall. I think the competitve member did a$k proud and we can look forward to some victories in the very near future.

Show our competitive players your support and +rep this post.

Competitive Members:


Best of 5

Domination - Hard Hat
a$k - 182 (victory)
Tcap - 168

MVP: Tc06balla (Most Flag Defends)

Capture the Flag - Dome
a$k - 2 (defeat)
Tcap - 3

MVP - Orlandosfinest (Most Flag Returns & Defends)

Search & Destroy - Dome
a$k - 2
Tcap - 4 (Victory)

MVP - Orlandofinest (Longest alive)

Killed Confirmed - Carbon
a$k - (Victory)
Tcap -

MVP - Tcballa (Most Kills / Most Tags Collected)

Tie Breaker Game Mode

Hardhat - Demolition
a$k - 1
Tcap - 1 (Overtime Victory)

MVP - Tc06balla (Most bomb plants)

Overall MVP player:
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Our First Challenge :: Comments

Re: Our First Challenge
Post on Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:39 pm by tc06balla
Yeah it was a great series overall. We did well, although I know all of us would have enjoyed a victory. Let's keep it up. We can only get better!
we will grow tcap is a competitive clan
Post on Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:03 pm by orlandosfinest86
They have played together for multiple games now so for us to win and lose barely is a huge plus that's the first scrim we didn't get upset we were in it all the way till the last bomb blew up...... Greatness is around the corner!
Re: Our First Challenge
Post on Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:17 pm by jgriff15
very happy with the way we played last night but not satisfied we still got a long way to go but mad good progress and from last night we saw penitential of what we can become so keep it up fellas.
Re: Our First Challenge
Post on Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:14 pm by ChaosGod23
Speed get me up to date so I can play in the next game.
Re: Our First Challenge
Post on Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:31 pm by Speed
Get on tonight, i will show you wats up and i wanna scrim tonight.
Re: Our First Challenge
Post on Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:59 pm by ChaosGod23
im on
Re: Our First Challenge
Post on Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:05 pm by xRED54x
I was soo bummed that I missed this.....These scrims are a ton of fun.
Re: Our First Challenge
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Our First Challenge

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